Acting for Film Class

I recently took an “Acting for Film” class. We mainly focused on performing monologues for film as well as the stage. Each class we’d work on a different scene or monologue. Then during one of our last classes, we picked a monlogue that we performed while the teacher shot footage of us outside as well as inside.

With the footage from outside, since it was night, my teacher set up some pretty bright lights. I’m a bit disappointed that my face looks washed out on one side, making my head look more rounded. Nevertheless, I enjoyed getting to see what I look like on camera. Below is the footage from outside:

I’ve realized that you learn quite a bit when you film yourself acting and then take a look at the footage. It’s a lot like stepping away from a painting so you can get a better idea of the bigger picture – of how things come together as a whole. My 100 Monologues project will really help me hone my skills since I plan to film each monologue. That way I can critique my work and get a better idea of what I need to do in order to improve.

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