Acting Classes Can Help Beginner Actors

Right now I’m taking an “Intro to Acting for Film” class. I have to admit, taking acting classes is incredibly helpful with motivating myself to do acting projects on the side. And as a beginner, I’ve found that classes can give you a sense of direction and also help you figure out if you truly are interested in exploring the realm of acting.

My film class has taught me a lot about transitioning from stage acting to film acting. I’ve become more aware of my mannerisms, how expressive my eyes are, and what directions I should look towards. I’ve realized that I have a habit of looking down at the ground when I’m not making eye contact with other actors, which can be a good thing or bad thing depending on the situation of the scene. For instance, it’s probably better for me to look to the side instead of the ground since my eyelashes hide my eyes from the camera.

The feedback I’m receiving in class has also helped motivate me to want to keep moving forward with acting. I was pleasantly surprised the other day with the reaction I got from the class on one of my performances. I also thought it was a bit funny that several people told me I remind them of Meg Ryan (which I really don’t see, but thank you anyway). And what really made my day was hearing that I’m different. It’s good to know I don’t blend into the crowd. Thus that class has served as encouragement for me to keep going with acting.

Thus far, I have to say that my film class has helped me with:

  1. Getting more confident with performing scenes and monologues in front of others
  2. Being more aware of one’s expressions, mannerisms, and body language
  3. Finding the best directions to look towards depending on the position of the camera
  4. Discovering if you truly have the acting bug
  5. Motivation to work on future film projects

Needless to say, I’m a strong supporter of beginner actors taking acting classes. They really can help you build confidence and motivation. Plus they are a lot of fun!

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