100 Monologues – Monologue #25: A Mess

100 Monologues is a project where I’m writing monologue scripts, performing, and filming the pieces. Since I’m beginning to dabble in acting, the project is meant as a means for me to acquire more acting experience where I can work on refining my craft. You can find out more about the project here.

Below is the script from the “A Mess” monologue. If you’re a student who would like to perform this monologue for class, just make sure you credit me, Maggie Coyle, as the author. For any other use of the script, please contact me.

100 Monologues: #25 A Mess

I’ve been a mess. And when I say I’ve been a mess, I’m not using that word loosely at all. It’s been a rough month. My friend…she died in a car accident. And then two weeks later, my three-year relationship ended. And then my body just started to revolt. First, I couldn’t sleep at all. Then next all I could do was sleep. I’d sleep through meals and life…In a couple of days I would lose seven pounds and gain the weight back in another two days. I was…I am just a mess of neuroses. Just all this emotion…it’s hard to handle. It’s hard to handle tragedy and heartbreak so close to each other. And despite how I’ve been feeling, I’m hopeful that things will get better. I just have to wait through this. Right now it’s a mess, a storm. I feel broken inside. But if I just power through it, you know, before I know it, I’ll feel whole again. Put back together. I just have to wait and see.

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