Review: Ten Minutes to the Audition

Ten Minutes to the Audition by Janice LyndeThe other day I sat down and read Janice Lynde’s “Ten Minutes to the Audition” all in one sitting. What’s nice about this book is that it’s very concise. The book doesn’t come close to all the repetitive problems that occurred in “The Art of Voice Acting” by James R. Alburger. So the reader doesn’t run into the problem of feeling like parts of the book are wasting his/her time.

I also like how quick of a read this book was because it made me think that it would work nicely as a quick read before an actual audition. It has a quick checklist that reviews twenty different items that the actor should do. It covers everything from getting to the audition on time to how to introduce yourself at the audition and ways to tackle the script. Then towards the end of the book, Janice Lynde includes a number of actor resources as well as a handy list of recommended books. I hope to take a look at a couple of the books she recommended sometime soon.

Overall, this was a handy reference guide. If you’re constantly on the go and don’t have enough time to work your way through a lengthy book, you will definitely appreciate Lynde’s concise and helpful words.

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