Review: The Art of Voice Acting

The Art of Voice Acting by James AlburgerI recently finished reading “The Art of Voice Acting” by James R. Alburger. Overall, the book was pretty helpful for someone not knowing where to begin with voice acting. It included info on what areas you can get voice acting work in, different techniques, exercises for your voice, and tips and tricks of the trade. The book did seem a bit repetitive at times – it had a tendency of mentioning that you must know your character’s back story and who your audience is throughout.

Towards the end, Alburger points out all the various ways a voice actor can present his/herself professionally. I liked the marketing tips and the worksheets he included to help actors with their business plans, written agreements, letters to agents, and figuring out a character’s back story.

This book is definitely a good read for any beginner actors, although there are a few areas where the information is repeated a couple times. I found myself skimming through the repetitive information to get to the newer material.

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