Review: How to be a Working Actor

How to be a Working ActorI’ve decided to read a few books and articles on acting as I venture on my quest to learn more on the craft.I recently finished “How to be a Working Actor” by Mari Lyn Henry and Lynne Rogers. For anyone new to acting, I highly recommend this book. It’s filled with lots of great tid bits about marketing for actors, auditions, acting tools, and analyzing scripts.Parts of the book weren’t really relevant to my interest in acting – such as the chapters that focus on what you should do before moving to L.A. or New York City. I was more interested in the meat of the material – where they listed the best practices for wearing different types of makeup and the best kind of wardrobe to have on your hands. I really loved all the information they provided with the best colors and style of clothing to wear for photo shoots for headshots and film work.Henry and Rogers also give good advice on auditions and actor interviews. With info on what to expect for commercial, soap opera, and TV series auditions, it gave me a great background/foundation as a beginner. I feel more confident about how to approach auditions – especially since I feel more comfortable with my ideas of what to wear and how to rehearse.

I’m not sure how more advanced actors would feel about this book – perhaps I’ll pick it up and give it another read once I’ve gained more on-camera experience. Overall, I was pleased with what I read and jotted down quite a few notes.

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